Experienced throughout human history, epidemic diseases such as plague, cholera, smallpox, Spanish flu, bird flu, swine flu, SARS, MERS have adversely affected civilizations. For example, The Spanish Flu, which was experienced between 1918 and 1920, caused the deaths of approximately 50 million people because the medical facilities and protective measures and equipment were not sufficient under the conditions of that day. The world met with the SARS virus in 2003 and the MERS virus in 2012.

Vaccines or treatment methods have not yet been found to prevent these two deadly diseases, but these epidemics have been prevented thanks to the protective equipment produced through the developing technology. Finally, the coronavirus pandemic that broke out last December caused millions of people to get sick and approximately 1.5 million people to die. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, materials such as surgical masks, protective clothing, visors, hygienic gloves, disinfectants, and thermometers have become an integral part of our lives, perhaps only used and needed by healthcare professionals.

Pandemic World Expo Medical and Hygienic Products, Technologies, Service and Accessories Fair, Required for Protection and Fight Against from the Epidemic Diseases will be the first exhibition on its field in Turkey and in the world, which will introduce various kinds of medicinal products and technology used in the fight against epidemic diseases.

Pandemic World Expo Medical and Hygienic Products, Technologies, Service and Accessories Fair, Required for Protection and Fight Against from the Epidemic Diseases will be organized by Teknik Fuarcılık Inc., which organizes ITM and HIGHTEX Exhibitions that made a great impact with its success all over the world in partnership with Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım Inc. The exhibition, which is the first organization in its field will bring together the manufacturers of medical and hygienic products and technologies used in the protection and fight against from the epidemic diseases in Istanbul. Pandemic World Expo, which will be held with the participation of the leading domestic and international companies of the industry, will host the latest products and state-of-the-art technologies in masks, protective clothing, isolation materials, hospital and medical facility equipment, medical laboratory technologies, diagnostic test kits, hygiene and food supplements industry.

Pandemic World Expo, which is to be organized at Tüyap, the first and only exhibition company in Turkey that received TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate, will let its visitors and participants experience the ‘contactless exhibition organization’.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which took the world under its influence and brought international trade to a halt, brought up the “is it safe” and “is it hygienic” questions about fairs, one of the essential channels of trade. Tüyap Fairs Group, which organizes more than 80 fairs every year, made a series of arrangements and took measures with the motto “Health First for Trade”. Additionally, the arrangements made for everyone who physically comes to the fair area to do business with peace of mind have been corresponded. Tüyap has become the first and only fair organizer to get Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate which is given by Turkish Standards Institution.

It is of great importance to raise awareness of the public, increase the measures taken, and fight in full collaboration in order to stop the epidemic diseases that devastate the whole world. Because, in order to be protected from the adverse effects of the epidemics, the measures taken should be applied seriously and carefully, nobody should be exempt, and everyone should do their part. Pandemic World Expo, which aims to increase public awareness on measures to be taken in fighting viruses, offers both participants and visitors a platform where they will be informed about new ideas, products, and technologies that are effective in combating epidemics. Pandemic World Expo also undertakes an important mission by presenting all the components of the fight against the epidemic together and in an accessible environment with the awareness of social responsibility.


• You can strengthen your relations with your business circle by making many business meeting.
• You can closely examine all equipment, the latest products and technologies used in fighting the epidemic diseases.
• You can meet with your existing business partners or expand your business network by finding new business partners.
• You can follow the presentations of the companies and get information from the experts about the products that they developed.
• You can become aware of the current and future epidemic diseases and have information about the latest technologies and trends.

  • At Pandemic World Expo, which is the most comprehensive meeting point for companies operating in the field of masks, protective clothing, overalls, visors, disinfectants, isolation materials, PCR and rapid diagnostic test kits, intubation devices, ventilators, food, vitamin, and mineral supplements, you will have the opportunity to meet your target audience and increase brand awareness of your company.

  • You can introduce your newest products, devices, and technologies used in the prevention and fight against epidemic diseases, and you will have the chance to follow up the innovations closely.

  • You can add new companies to your supply chain and customer portfolio and expand your local and international customer network.

  • You will have the opportunity to establish business connections with potential customers and grow your business volume at the Pandemic World Expo, which will host many domestic and international companies and will be visited by thousands of people.

  • You can find new distributors in the regions you target and expand your distributor network.

  • In the exhibition, where all partners of the sector will take place, you can direct your investments by receiving first-hand information from experts and you can be one-step ahead of your competitors by analyzing the sector correctly.